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    Beautiful with a powerful message.  Features a beautiful crescent centerpiece strung on locally tanned goat leather.

    This completely handmade necklace has been created from all Haitian sources.  Aluminum button fasten.

    Each facet of this necklace has been uniquely created.  The aluminum pieces have been molded from upcycled aluminum in sand molds.  Hand cut, sustainably harvested goat leather.

    Created by a fabulous artisan group in Haiti! These artisans have a passion to provide for their families and enrich their communities with their jewelry making skills. The artisans are involved in every part of the creation process including design, production and marketing. Utilizing upcycled resources keeps costs lower ensuring the provision of a fair wage. With fair wages, the artisans have the ability to provide for food, shelter, their children's education and even start their own businesses. This group offers abundant purpose!

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