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    The perfect way to express your passion.  Your advocacy will grow in new ways with this eye catching cuff.

    Created from 100% upcycled aluminum.  Lightweight.

    This piece has been custom created for us by this artisan group.  We are so grateful for their efforts and talent that will allow us to be the voice of the voiceless!

    Created by a fabulous artisan group in Haiti! These artisans have a passion to provide for their families and enrich their communities with their jewelry making skills. The artisans are involved in every part of the creation process including design, production and marketing. Utilizing upcycled resources keeps costs lower ensuring the provision of a fair wage. With fair wages, the artisans have the ability to provide for food, shelter, their children's education and even start their own businesses. This group offers abundant purpose!

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    My favorite bracelet!

    • wonderful%20statement%20piece
    I wear this bracelet every day and barely a day goes by without someone asking me where to get one. It has been one of those pieces that I just feel good about wearing. Similar in design to the bracelets that were worn in the early 70's signifying a soldier that was MIA, this bracelet serves as a reminder to pray and speak for those that have no voice.

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