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    What a sweet new addition to your kitchen!

    Featuring 3 different layers of hand block printing and finished with pom pom detailing.

    Soft and absorbent.  Cotton.  20 x 31 inches.

    This hand towel has been hand block printed, a tedious and learned skill learned and perfected over generations of artisans.

    Our wood block artisans live in scattered rural villages in Rajasthan challenged by poverty and lack of structures. There are few opportunities for jobs in this desert region where the climate is too dry for agriculture.

    Created by an organization assisting artisans with economic, social and environmental upliftment. Developmental solutions such as solar power, education and health care are a focus of this group as well. artisans artisan group in Rajasthan, India. Block printing is a painstaking process of labor intensive steps that require great mastery.