Illiteracy's Impact on Trafficking

Illiteracy is oftentimes the beginning of a viscous cycle leading to bondage and great hurt. An illiterate family is typically entrenched in poverty. Unable to read and working long hours simply to provide food for their family, parents will require their children to stay home from school, if it is available, in order to make the most modest of ends meet.

The inability to read and write leads to great problems within a community. Poor hygiene and nutrition result in greater disease. Myths run rampant. An inability to understand the law in its completeness and the rules of civil society, leads to the problems witnessed in forced slavery. The inability to read a contract can lead to entrapment by slave masters.

The 2 greatest causes of illiteracy are poverty and lack of literacy within the family. Globally, 21 nations have adult literacy rates below 50% and 4 out of ever 1- Africans (2/3 of them women) are illiterate.

Teaching children and adults to read is hope for them. With literacy comes the ability to think in organized and systemic ways, gain and understand information, advocate for yourself and those around you and be a powerful influence in your community.

You can make a difference through organizations offering opportunities for involvement through book donations, walks and library adoptions among other ways. AND you can also make a difference by supporting the artisans creating a difference themselves. See and shop for their talented works here.