All You Have to Do is Keep Your Eyes Open

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You know, one of the best ways to fight human trafficking is by keeping your eyes open.

Especially if you're traveling.

You might want to get a bucket because if you're anything like me, you're going to want to throw up when you read this.

In Georgia alone. GEORGIA! 12,400 men pay for sex in a month. 7,200 of those men pay for sex with an adolescent female. With the number of girls out there who are "available", that breaks down to every prostituted adolescent girl being exploited on average 3 times a day. In Georgia.

That means buying sex is prevalent. Hugely so. And it means it is visible to somebody. And who better to pick out what is out of the ordinary than someone who is not part of the ordinary.

Travelers are in a unique position to do something about this. They can see things out of the norm - a girl who is unable to speak the local language, advertisements for sex without condoms, a YOUNG girl, a guarded girl, a girl with bruises and injuries. Travelers with no attachment to areas can SEE these things and DO something about it.

Here's how. Business Travelers Against Human Trafficking, a group focusing on how to teach you what to look for and giving you ways to report, in detail, what you are seeing. They will do the investigation. You report. They take over the dirty work.

Traveling for the holidays, vacation, business? You might want to check out this site. I know we all think we're not going to see this stuff, but you just never know and if you do see it and report it, you have the potential of saving lives.
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