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Freeset is located in Sonagacchi, the largest, most famous sex district in Kolkata, India. Within a few quare miles more than 10,000 women stand in line selling their bodies to thousands of men who visit daily. Many are trafficked from Bangladesh, Nepal and rural India. Freeset was begun as a viable alternative for women living within this district. Their idea that women could be trained with new skills for a new job and empowered with life skills needed to appreciate freedom. After experimenting with different products and testing the market, they decided to make jute bags for the export market.

Every woman who finds freedom through Freeset also brings freedom to her family. They find hope for a brighter future and the means to make it a reality. As the business has grown, a positive community has emerged calling itself the "Freeset Family. This family not only supports its own members, but impacts on the wider community. The common understanding is "we're in this together".