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Featured Artisans

In February of 2005, Shannon Keith took a trip to India, where she witnessed, first hand the effects and tragedies of human trafficking.  Inspired to make a difference, she began International Princess Project, a "project" that worked with non-profits who rescued women and girls from human trafficking and provided them medical care and job skill training so they would be able to leave lives of forced prostitution forever.

As a result of the job skill training, PUNJAMMIES™ were born.  "What started with just six women sewing in a single room has grown to over 150 women employed by one of International Princess™ Project’s three sewing centers in India. With every PUNJAMMIES™ purchase, the dignity and freedom of a woman is reinforced and the future in India gets a little bit brighter."  

We are thrilled to be able to partner with this fabulous group and offer you their PUNJAMMIES™.  Wear hope.